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Chael Sonnen has an awesome new commercial for Nexersys that you should watch

Not only is Chael P. Sonnen the toughest man in the documented history of West Linn, Oregon, but he’s also one of the most well-spoken.  His words transcend clarity & reason, and he’s easily one of the most valuable marketing spokesmen in the country.  I didn’t mean that sarcastically… The dude could microwave a vegetarian Lean Pocket , serve it on the menu of his pizza restaurant as a weekly special at $7.95 with fries and a fountain drink, convince you it’s delicious, and you’d think you’re the one getting the better end of the deal.  Your taste buds only capable of making their own decisions if Chael Sonnen tells you it’s cool.   In the same way, he has a unique opinion on fitness equipment, namely the latest creation from the folks at Nexersys; therefore, you have the same opinion on this machine regardless of what your brain wants you to think.  Ignore your brain, just let Chael do the thinking for you.  The world would be better off that way.

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