• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Alexander Shlemenko wants you to just say nyet to drugs

We should all stand in a semi-circle and contemplate how lucky we are to have Alexander Shlemenko ready and willing to become the new Russian ambassador of MMA. Recently, the two-time Bellator middleweight tournament winner discovered the internet and the ability to upload videos to it, so he's spent the majority of his time training for his middleweight title fight against Maiquel Falcao and in front of the bright blinking lights of Russia's finest analog video-editing equipment. He will not use this gear for superficial reasons though. Sure, Shlemenko will address his fans and give them updates, but Alexander Shlemenko will also be a beacon of light in this drug-stained world, and he will wipe that dirty smudge clean in a spinning backfist type of motion - starting with this video.


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