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Hold on to your butts - Super Fight League's reality show starts filming next week

A Super Fight League reality show toes the line dangerously close to oxymoron. SFL is not grounded in reality, and that's fine by me. The only reality I've witnessed at Super Fight League is that of fancy recliners, designer denim and strange Intergalactic Empire-inspired jackets. What's with those jackets? Not to mention the sunglasses. Is that harsh? Nah, Bob Sapp main-evented for them. And now we are getting a Super Fight League version of The Ultimate Fighter, or SFL version of TUF for short, and I will be pretty peeved if the show doesn't feature ample denim, cool jackets and comfortable recliners...I would even take Bob Sapp. Unfortunately the Hindustan Times didn't ask about those subjects, but here's what we know about this fascinating project so far. Here's SFL head honcho Raj Kundra

“Yes we have announced The Super Fighter MMA reality show,”  “Auditions are now on pan India.”

“The show will go for 50 days and each week people will vote for who they want to see fight on a Friday night. The fighters will also be given tasks each week,”

One can only imagine what these 'tasks' are. I guess we'll find out soon, the show starts shooting July 1st.


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