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Mike Pyle talks about his happy cats and knocking out Josh Neer in this video

I was eating Lucky Charms the morning I got in two car accidents in the same day. Something went wrong there. General Mills needs to try harder. When it comes to utilizing luck to make decisions in my life, I'm a complete failure. That's why my UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall betting picks looked like Chernobyl. In fact, every pick that I've made on an MMA event this year has turned into a complete disaster. I even chose Josh Neer on a prop bet to knock out Mike Pyle in the first round during UFC on FX. Boy, was I wrong.

Now to make it up, I will flood MiddleEasy with an potpourri of kind things about Mike Pyle -- it's the least I can do. Mike Pyle will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him. That would be suicide to any internal organ that tries to mess with Mike. If curiosity killed the cat, then it was only because Mike Pyle told it to. Pyle doesn't spend his Sunday nights debating on who would win a hypothetical fight between Green Lantern and Professor X. That in itself should make him a better version of most human beings.

There, I hope the universe is balanced now. Now check out this video of Mike Pyle talking to us about what it was like knocking out Josh Neer and what he will not be fishing for in his off-time.

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