• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

WOAH, if you missed the pre-fight press conference staredown between Silva vs. Sonnen, check it out here

The beef is real. Nothing has been fabricated -- and it's clear that Anderson Silva is enraged at Chael Sonnen. This is without a doubt the angriest we've ever seen Anderson Silva, and at today's pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas, both fighters nearly came to blows as they faced off. Is that even the right phrase, 'came to blows?' It sounds like it's drenched in sexual innuendo. Let's just say they aren't going to be inviting each other over for Thanksgiving dinner anytime soon. Granted, Brazil probably doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving.

Check out the soon-to-be legendary pre-fight press conference staredown and good luck trying to convince anyone on this site that this fight will go down the same as UFC 117.

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