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Blast to the Past: Nothing says fourth of July like Hendo Vs. Bisping

We love our readers from the UK, but sometimes the stars align and we just have to revisit Hendo Vs. Bisping to tie in an allegorical concept of Hendo repping the USA and Bisping trying to tax us without representation on the 4th of July...Or something like that. Did you know the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on July 2nd, and John Adams assumed the United States would be celebrating on that day? It's true. The fourth of July was actually the day the Declaration of Independence was released to the public. A press release if you will.

So now, two hundred plus years later, here we are; barbecuing, loving life and setting off small scale explosions on the incorrect date in honor of our independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. So with that said, here's Hendo knocking out Bisping at UFC 100 over and over again. In honor of freedom and BBQ.

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