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TommyToeHold has a video he wants to share with you, and it’s your patriotic duty to watch it

Throw out everything you know about YouTube blogging.  It’s 2012 and ‘Tubers’ are taking all taking performance enhancing drugs, drinking their own urine, and engaging in domestic violence just to continue bringing you relevant viral videos on a regular basis.  Back in the day, they could get by charm alone: First, we saw folks like Bloodstain Lane and his tirade against the entire planet, then the socially awkward brilliance courtesy of KneeBarBuffet, and the creative imagination of SagatBalrog.  Today, there’s TommyToeHold, and his weekly contribution to the MMA video blog-o-sphere is a fast paced summary of the past seven days biggest stories told in cartoon form.  Raised by vegan anarchists, and trained by irony, this week’s TommyToeHold show celebrates not only current events, but the 4th of July and the definition of freedom as we know it (with strategically placed disclaimers to protect that freedom).  Check it out, then pretend you’re half the man Joey Chestnut is and swallow 35 hot dogs.


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