• Written by Jason Nawara and LayzieTheSavage

Tito Ortiz explains his beef with Ariel Helwani

I'm pretty hungry right now, so I wish this was a video of Tito Ortiz explaining an Italian beef sandwich with hot giardiniera to Ariel Helwani, but once again I am left disappointed and contemplating the drive to the nearest Portillo's. My stomach will have to wait as I type words into an article for the good of the MiddleEasy. That's OK though, I don't need the carbs...

A while back Matt Mitrione was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, and Jenna Jameson was made fun of in some fashion. Tito is now very angry. This video by LayzieTheSavage at today's media scrum explains it all - like Clarissa with a beard and a weed habit.

Eff it, I'm going to go get a beef.


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