• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Holy @#$%! Justin 'The Viking' Wren's mouth is literally falling apart

It just wouldn't be a complete week if we didn't find something absolutely disgusting to show you. It is one of the things we like to do best. Honestly, we are extreme twisted sadists that enjoy inflicting pain upon you the only way we really can since you still haven't invited us over to your house for dinner. Until we get that invite from you we are just going to show you pictures that cause you to writhe in pain and disgust. This is so disgusting and it will also make you cringe at the thought of how excruciatingly painful this must be for former UFC fighter and TUF alumni Justin 'the Viking' Wren. According to Wren, he has no idea what the @#$% is causing his palette to literally begin falling off his mouth and every single one of his teeth to throb in pain to the beat of his cold Viking heart. He is also apparently choking on pieces of the roof of his mouth according to his twitter posts. None of us are doctors so we don't know either, but we know we don't want it. Enjoy the pain, you might want to call your dentist for a shot of novacaine after this.

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