• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Here's the official Bones Jones Vs. Hendo poster

On one side of the poster there is a close-up of Hendo's right fist, bloodied and awesome. On the left side of the poster is Bones' elbow, also bloodied and awesome. In the middle of the poster is is a UFC 151 logo. Or maybe you have Hendo punching through a brick wall and Bones throwing some spinning S*** through a brick wall with the UFC 151 logo on it. Something with fists and bricks - I'm easy to please - anything is better than these two frightening men calmly looking at each other. Then again, seeing them finally matched up and face to face is kind of making me want to flip my desk in anticipation right now...September first can't come soon enough.

So maybe the UFC marketing department is genius after all? They knew they didn't have to do anything flashy - Bones Vs. Hendo is epic enough as it is.


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