• Written by Bauzen

A lesson in street MMA: Toronto nightclub bouncer edition

Roger Huerta is the godfather of ‘A lesson in street MMA’. In fact, unless your name is Roger Huerta, getting into a fight outside of a nightclub is silly and should be avoided at all costs. If you use Google’s infinite library of videos depicting bouncers and their altercations with rowdy patrons, you’ll find a slew of one-punch retaliations that are equally MiddleEasy worthy.  Let’s face it: Pushing a bouncer is never a good idea.  We know that alcohol and/or bath salts make you feel like you’re a lot tougher than you are, but bouncers’ full-time jobs include neutralizing a conflict before it gets out of hand. Lessons in street MMA are always looking out for you. Take today’s episode as a stern warning that a right hook works just as well in MMA as it does on a Saturday night in the streets of Toronto.



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