• Written by Jason Nawara and LayzieTheSavage

Watch Ronda Rousey act like a damn rock star at the UFC Fan Expo

There will be a day when some hip teenager is talking to his cool uncle, trying to remember the forefathers (foremothers?) of female MMA, and this bright-eyed kid with his life in front of him will struggle to remember Gina Carano, but he won't forget the name Ronda Rousey. From Tuff-N-Uff to TMZ-level celebrity, we've watched Ronda Rousey go from a judo badass to a Billy Ocean-level celebrity that just happens to be a judo badass. Now we have video footage taken by the LayzieTheSavage, and the tri-named one has proof of Ronda's absolute star power.

Click 'read more' for Ronda.


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