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It appears that Vinny Magalhaes will make his UFC return at UFC 151

Let me be the first to say that if Vinny Magalhaes really wants to trash his M-1 Light Heavyweight belt, he could so easily send it to my address in Hollywood, CA. Screw it, I will drive down to Las Vegas today to pick up the championship strap. There's no need to auction it on eBay and then get duped by angry Russians. Vinny, I have a wall inside the MiddleEasy office that needs decorating -- and a belt with gold chains is the exact type of flair that we need.

According to your favorite Brazilian magazine turned website, TATAME is reporting that ADCC demi-god, Vinny Magalhaes, has signed with the UFC and will return to the organization on September 1st at UFC 151. Judging by a recent tweet from the former M-1 Light Heavyweight champion, it appears that he has already raided UFC's company fridge. Massive props to Vinny on truly fighting where he belongs. It's been a long road, but I'm sure Evgeni Kogan is somewhere in Eastern Europe proud of the MMA prospect that he helped nurture and develop throughout the years in M-1 Global. That last sentence was a joke -- and it was horrible. Nevertheless, feel free to bug Magalhaes on Twitter until he agrees to hand over his belt for betterment of MiddleEasy -- and humanity.

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