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Check out how angry Tito Ortiz is about Forrest Griffin and his 100% legal use of TRT in their last fight

My favorite local bodega recently altered their hours of operation to a timeframe that doesn’t suit my taco-consumption habits. For the past year, any order placed before midnight would be rapidly served up with my choice of rice, beans, rice & beans, beans & rice, or any flavor of Jaritos I desired. Now, anybody who comes by after 10:00pm is greeted by a sign that suggests someone will return in the morning, but they’ve all gone home for the remainder of the evening. It’s as infuriating to me as TRT is to Tito Ortiz. Both of us are angry, but there’s little we can do in either situation because people way above our pay-grade have made irreversible decisions based on our livelihood. All we can do is express our anger on blogs, twitter, or Inside MMA. Check out what Tito said on AXS TV when he found out that Forrest Griffin was allowed to use testosterone replacement therapy for their last fight at UFC 148.

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