• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Are shape-shifting reptilian aliens infilitrating UFC? Hey, it's a valid question...

When I first embraced this story, a distant buzz began to go off inside my head and my right finger started twitching uncontrollably. The information and intergalactic conspiracy theory jammed inside this Word on the Street podcast is so vast, that I nearly had a stroke trying to comprehend it. I shut down my computer, turned off my phone and just laid down on the floor with the lights turned off. Is Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet gym really attracting aliens to train BJJ? Is Georges St. Pierre really giving hints to an alien abduction he experienced in his past? Are UFOs hovering around the octagon during fight night? It all sounds so incredible that I started to question if aliens were influencing my thoughts.

To consider that reptilian shape-shifting aliens may have control over UFC is something so daunting, that it needed to be placed on

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