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Damn, Urijah Faber really did fight at UFC 149 with a broken rib

If you woke up today with the intention of seeing an x-ray of a broken rib, you should probably see your nearest psychiatrist. You're a disturbed human being and if you ever see me on the street, let me know who you are by getting on all fours and walking across the street like a giraffe. That will be the only way I can identify you.

We know you want to see this picture of Urijah Faber's broken rib, but your girlfriend has been interrupting your Monday afternoon with tales of her problematic life. Here's a tip, just occasionally make eye contact, nod your head throughout, and add phrases like 'Damn, that's crazy!' when she finishes a complete thought. She will think that you are listening, and thus you will come off as a far more compassionate person than what you truly are. With that obstacle placed behind you, take a look at this x-ray of Faber's broken rib, an injury that he sustained in the first round of his interim title fight at UFC 149. 'Tough as nails' doesn't even describe this guy. [Source]

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