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Sometimes you can't help yourself, you have to take a picture of Miesha Tate's ass

The UFC 149 post fight press conference is the event that keeps on giving. With every (perceived) lackluster fight inside the cage at UFC 149, we were gifted an equal amount of rawesome moments from the collected human beings in the Scotiabank Saddledome conference room. First it was Dana's complete expression of dismay at his PPV, then we enjoyed Matt Riddle's incredible anti-UK rant (even the English liked the story, since it began with Matt Riddle getting spat on - in the mouth). Now it's this MMA media member reinforcing the foundation that the majority of the MMA media live in their basement by taking a picture of Miesha Tate's athletic keister.

I saw this heinous act of booty worship during the conference on Saturday night, then saw it again on the replay when someone on Reddit posted about it - so I knew what I had to do for all of you. I went so far as to try to make a .gif of the offending action with little-to-no training. A Youtube tutorial and a hastily-written plea for help to the Zombie Prophet later - and I found a .gif of it on the UG. I offer you this .gif in return as a token of thanks, UG. And you know what? Thanks to Fight! Magazine for the banner pic. Wow.

Click 'read more' to see the Instagram pic heard 'round the MMA internet world.

Props to Gordo1581 for the animated image above.


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