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Chris Weidman tries to insult Anderson Silva, but fails miserably

Some of you may have seen our interview with Matt Serra a few years ago regarding Dan Hardy and Cypress Hill. However, there is a back story to that video, and it involves Bauzen getting confronted by Matt Serra. I'm not going to give away the details (mainly because I truly don't know everything that happened) but feel free to hit Bauzen on Twitter and he may tell you what actually occurred in his confrontation with the former UFC welterweight champion. From what I understand, Serra wanted the video to be removed from the site -- and I'm not entirely sure why. Oh, maybe because we insinuated that he was drunk. Yep, that's definitely it.

Labeling a video 'a buzzed Matt Serra' isn't necessarily an insult. Not at all. Just like Weidman trying to insult Anderson Silva in another one of these creepy Prebeck black-and-white animations isn't actually insulting. Maybe you should just watch the video and find out what we're rattling on about.

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