• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Relive Shogun's greatness with this awesome 30 second TV spot for this Saturday's UFC on FOX

In a perfect world, everyone’s Muay Thai skill would be as elegant to watch as Shogun Rua. Elbows would drop opponents and well-placed knees would swiftly end fights. It’d be like the polar opposite of what happened in the main card of UFC 149. In that same utopia, sporting venues would serve free nachos and beer. In fact, anywhere that serves free nachos and beer is a place worth going, even if it’s some sort of religious cult soliciting donations (just make sure you stick to cans/bottles and stay away from the magic Kool-Aid). Teleport your imagination to a place that serves free snacks and click play on the video below. Then return to your mundane Tuesday afternoon and count the hours before you get to watch Shogun fight for free this Saturday night on FOX.

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