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Josh Koscheck says he hopes AKA burns to the ground

Sometimes my thoughts are so deep that there's actually a little window that appears on my forehead. At times, you can open the window in my head to see what I'm thinking. It's amazing and very strange at the same time. Homeless people come up to me and offer to clean my window of thought, but I have to turn them down because I never have extra change. Josh Koscheck must have this same physiological occurrence happen whenever he's deeply contemplating whether he should apologize for something he's said.

For some reason, we truly believe that Josh Koscheck actually wants his former gym, American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) to burn down to the ground. We're even going to predict that if it does burn down to the ground, don't say we didn't warn you. Check out Koscheck talking to his former teammate Jon Fitch regarding AKA in this clip from Fight Factory which premieres on August 15th on something called 'NUVO TV.'

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