• Written by Bauzen

The ONE FC fight poster for Tim Sylvia vs Andre Arlovski is so dope that you’re definitely going to watch them fight

Rematches are rawesome.  They’re even cooler when it’s the fourth time Andre Arlovski and Tim Sylvia are set to throw down.  Their first few fights gave “The Maine-iac” two of the three victories, and if Arlovski wins this upcoming bout, another rubber match would be necessary for a fifth and definitive fight.  If that fight, hypothetically, ends in a draw, we’ll arrange for a competitive eating contest that’ll determine which former UFC champion is the more amazing human being.  They’ll have to flip a coin to choose the cuisine, but that too will have to be a best-of-three coin toss, and might end up having to be a three out of five situation.  Hopefully none of that will be necessary, so just look at this poster and contain your excitement that you get to watch two former Champions throw down on August 31 courtesy of ONE FC.


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