• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Lauzon/Varner: The Gracie Breakdown

How awesome is it that we can now say 'Lauzon/Varner' and the mention of the fight will illicit nods of approval and smiles at the thought of one of 2012's best fights? Lauzon/Varner featured more diversity than an anti Chick-Fil-A demonstration, and the only bummer is that Varner seemed to break his hand in the second round. But I'm also hearing Varner walked out to Eminem, which means he sealed his own fate long before he collected an extra $50k for Fight of the Night.

These guys should rematch for the hell of it, Eminem free, if that was the case. Or at least play Call of Duty against each other or something. I am on the Lauzon/Varner wagon, and can't get enough - so now it's time to watch the Gracie Breakdown of Lauzon's astonishing finish.


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