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Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC on FOX 4

Ah, another edition of 'Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during...' For the uninitiated, just before any UFC event we call out for our followers to hit us with the most witty tweets imaginable regarding the specified event. We're talking about an astronomical level of cleverness, only reserved for the likes of Artie Lange and Mitch Hedberg (RIP, bummer). The greatest ones will be republished on MiddleEasy under our newly erected feature. Yes, I said erected.

Many try, few actually make it in our feature, which is sweeping the globe and influencing the youth of the world. Your parents will eventually be vehemently against 'Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during...' but we encourage you to ignore them and give your folks the illusion of control over your life.

Last week we witnessed the sheer raweseomeness that was UFC on FOX: Shogun vs Vera, undoubtedly the greatest FOX/FX/Fuel TV cards since the deal was signed last year. A few of you shot some of your mental gems to us during the fight, others were uncreative and made us want to cry from sheer disappointment. In any case, check out this edition of 'Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC on FOX 4'

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