• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Oh man, check out this brutal flying knee KO from the Olympics

Futbol players are known for their animated injuries and it's common knowledge there is no more violent, scary sport than the world's favorite game. I've seen matches where men literally go flying wildly through the air off a collision with an opponent, it's incredible. Like the warriors they are, they will fall to the ground and howl like animals as they contemplate their injured knee. Luckily for everyone, most of them seem to have mutant healing abilities and are able to 'walk it off.'

Sadly, New Zealand goalkeeper Jennie Lindon would not be able to walk off a direct hit to the dome from USA star-player Alex Morgan's knee at the London Olympics.

With six months sprawl training...

Thanks to the KC Bandit for bringing this to our attention.


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