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Dan Henderson fought Frank Shamrock and you had no idea it happened

Before fighters are legends, they were young contenders. They also still had all their teeth and a lot less injuries to aggravate. Yes, even your favorite fighter was young once. They had birthday parties, drank cheap beer, and left the bar with ‘less than attractive’ women before they were famous. Sometimes, all three of those things happened in the same evening. Once the hangover came to an end, they’d return to the gym and strive to improve the following evening’s quality of beer, bar, and women. The process continues until TMZ catches you leaving a night club with two ‘DTF’ playmates. That’s when you know you’ve made it. Not sure what Frank Shamrock’s love life is like, but Dan Henderson looks like he rebounded just fine from his loss to the former Strikeforce middleweight champion. This week’s blast from the past brings you back to 1998 when the two met for a grappling match and it ended with a quick submission. Yes, that’s really Dan Henderson and Frank Shamrock despite Wikipedia having you believe this never happened…

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