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Watch Josh Barnett do vocals for a metal band called 'I AM WAR'

Last year I had a dream that Josh Barnett and I hopped from train to train in Qatar in search of the ultimate house party. Our adventures took us to a limestone mansion surrounded by semi-automatic wielding body guards. Apparently these guys didn't mind that we snuck through the backdoor of the kitchen to meet everyone inside for an impromptu keg stand. When I eventually woke up and told Josh Barnett of our imaginary adventures, he responded with 'that should be a reality.' Since I've been living in Hollywood, I've had my fair share of failed pitches for MMA shows. However, I sincerely believe that 'Around the World with Josh Barnett and friends' could be a promising project. I'll get on it, just after I finish looking at the largest 3D map of the universe ever created.

Josh Barnett is perhaps the only human being that can walk out to the cage while rocking a shirt that depicts himself wielding a massive hammer, surrounded by a mountain of dead bodies. That's metal. So is this video of Josh Barnett doing vocals for a band called 'I AM WAR.' Check out this clip of Barnett dominating every audio frequency available to the human ear.

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