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Let Pat Barry tell you about the time when he dressed up as a neo-samurai for y2k

One of the most read articles in MiddleEasy history is the story of how Pat Barry survived on ketchup and rice right up until his UFC 104 fight with Hardonk. After pulling off Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night, Pat Barry went from nearly being evicted from his apartment to proving to bankers that the 'Patrick Barry' written on his $120,000 check was actually for him. The article was huge, it even made the front page of

Since that day, Pat Barry reverted to only speaking in caps on Twitter so we stopped following him for nearly two years. He's a great fighter and an entertaining personality -- but he just can't quite get that entire 'Caps Lock' thing figured out. Bummer, because we almost missed this video of Pat Barry talking about how he prepared for the year 2000 by dressing up as a neo-samurai and waiting outside his window for the chaos to erupt.

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