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Watch the UFC 150 weigh-ins LIVE right here on MiddleEasy at 3pm PST/6pm EST

Only in MMA will thousands across the planet wait for a group of guys to strip nearly naked, flex their muscles and step on a scale. In no other niche of society would that be a heterosexual activity, but for today, we can all feel just a little bit more manly knowing that Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson share the same weight. The UFC 150 weigh-ins go down at 3:00 pm PST / 6:00 ES -- and don't worry, we will have it right here. The page you are on right now will be the most convenient web page you will view today and we all owe it to a room full of computer geeks who invented web-streaming. Got to love them. Check out the UFC 150 weigh-ins live on MiddleEasy and enjoy the rest of your Friday afternoon. You earned it.


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