• Written by Bauzen

We're not sure who Randa Roozie is, but she really wants to win tickets to the Sarah Kaufman fight

Bob Sapp is an innovator.  Ever since he started flying fans from around the world out to his fights, fans that entered contests on YouTube, other professional athletes have followed his lead.  His fights might not have showcased the greatest performances, but that really depends of whether or not you’re really a fan of Bob Sapp.  You see, anyone can enter a YouTube video contest.  Sarah Kaufman is doing one, and this girl who entered looks so much like Ronda Rousey that we’re pretty sure [b]it’s actually Ronda Rousey.[/b]  That might be the most anti-climactic sentence in the history of MiddleEasy, even with the application of bold type-face. If you have a problem with it, cut a YouTube video complaining about it.  Winner gets a microwave Hot Pocket and high-five next time I see you.


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