• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Get ready to check out the most disgusting elbow damage of 2012

There's not a single thing you can do to get this image out of your head. It will be forever stored in your brain just next to the department where The Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening credits song resides. Granted, whatever long-term memories Australian fighter Patrick Doherty had have now leaked out of his forehead from this absolutely gnarly gash he received from a well-placed elbow in a fight with Thailand's Rhyse Saliba at -- get ready for it -- House of Pain 6 in Australia over the weekend.

Folks this is the primary reason why you will never be an MMA fighter. Enjoy the sport from the comfort of your worn-in sofa that you got from Target. Props to FightersOnly for the amazing find.

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