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The grappler's interrogatories (Case No. 0005.1): DstryrSG vs. DaMarques Johnson

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Heads up, grappler. This is the good stuff. The Jiu Jitsu comedy cup really doth overfloweth. Like a lotith (we promise to cut down on Old English buffoonery for at least a month now).

Here's what going on: We always knew we liked DaMarques Johnson, both as a fighter and an overall cool dude. We watched him during his season on TUF: US vs. UK, a season in which he kicked everyone's ass and went on to the finale. We got to know him ... on television. We laughed together and cried together too. That's how reality TV works. But, we didn't know he could be funnier than us. Now, we hate him.

DaMarques came up with his very own Grappler's Interrogatories (he literally copied and pasted the GI's for Shoyoroll, and answered away), and we couldn't be any more stoked. Thanks, DaMarques - you made our week!

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