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Julie Kedzie talks about the gnarly kicks she pulled off in her fight against Miesha Tate

Julie Kedzie gets the reward for person most likely to have their initials confused for an abbreviated joke. She has abs that look like speed bumps in a School Zone and also has an extreme obsession with rocking blue boxers. I'm sure both of those are related, along with this fan page dedicated solely to her feet. Everything is related in this multiverse that we reside in, and at the center of it Julie Kedzie is waiting there to kick your teeth further inside your head. There's six degrees of separation between everyone in this world. For Julie Kedzie, there's six degrees and a shin to your head to make you realize that you're far too close to her.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Kedzie after her impressive performance against Miesha Tate and she told us not to believe the on-going stereotype of all Greg Jackson fighters.

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