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Carlos Condit has started training for GSP, and he made this handy training vlog

Shortly after UFC 143 in which Condit won a controversial decision over Nick Diaz, I caught up with Greg Jackson in Indonesia and talked to him about sending LayzieTheSavage to New Mexico to document Carlos Condit's preparation for his November 17th fight at UFC 154 against the UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre. It was a noble attempt to show the MMA world that MiddleEasy is an impartial site and at the end of the day, we just want to see really entertaining fights for the least amount of money. At some point between now and then, we realized that we don't really care how impartial (or partial) we appear to the MMA industry. People that complain about our coverage should stop reading MiddleEasy and go towards a homogenized MMA site of their choice. Instead of using company money to fund that trip, I decided to send LayzieTheSavage with Ronda Rousey to the 209 to train with the Diaz brothers -- because it's far more interesting.

Nevertheless, check out this video of Carlos Condit training for his imminent title unification bout which will go down in Montreal, Quebec, Canada just days before Thanksgiving. Your mouth just watered? Yeah, so did mine. Tofurkey is amazing.

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