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Ovince St. Preux talks about how an In-N-Out burger nearly messed up his training for Strikeforce

If you're not entirely sold on Ovince St. Preux being one of, if not the best light heavyweight prospect Strikeforce has to offer, then perhaps his appearance in EA Sports MMA will cement any doubts you've had towards OSP. By now, someone has undoubtedly made him on the create-a-fighter feature on the EA Sports MMA 'Fighter Share.' After this article, I'll rush over to my Xbox 360 with the intentions of investigating, but will probably get sidetracked by some bright reflection emanating off my living room window. If intelligence was measured by the duration of one's attention span, I would have the IQ of a warm jar of mayonnaise.

Sure all remnants of EA Sports MMA has been engulfed by the upcoming EA Sports UFC, but we can only hope that Ovince St. Preux will be a selectable character in the game and there's an option for him to compete against the UFC light heavyweight division. In the meantime, OSP will continue to sabotage his training regime due to his addiction to that greasy morsel of edible dead animal known as 'In-N-Out Burger' as evidenced in this video:

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