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Watch Josh Barnett attempt to do math, talk women's MMA, and give music suggestions in this video

Josh Barnett is a throw back to when humans used to kill their sweaters.

He's the only guy I know that made a shirt depicting himself clad in armor, sitting on a throne with a mountain of dead bodies behind him -- and I don't even really know Josh. Sure I ate cookies with him shortly after his win against Brett Rogers in the Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand-Prix -- but that's it. Also, good luck trying to buy that ridiculously over-the-top shirt from Barnett's indie store. It's been sold out for months and I don't think he has any plans on restocking them. However he does offer a shirt with two demons grappling, so that's just further evidence of the universe balancing itself out.

LayzieTheSavage encountered Josh Barnett in the hallways at Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman and decided to place a camera directly in his face. Here's what happened:

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