• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Nevada’s Secretary of State, Ross Miller, just made his pro-MMA debut, and it was rawesome

Politicians need to be tougher, especially when they’re making controversial statement about “legitimate rape” and female anatomy. No, Ross Miller is not the person who made those insensitive statements that you vaguely heard about earlier this week, that was Todd Akin. Hopefully Ross Miller knows better and he’s willing to use his political influence as Nevada’s Secretary of State to teach Todd Akin how the female body works. If that fails, perhaps he could use his physical superiority to punch the knowledge into his brain in a sanctioned MMA fight. It’s not that far fetched considering he just made his MMA debut this past weekend and Kim Winslow declared him the winner. Now all we have to do is get the Missouri Senate hopeful board shorts and some headgear. If more politicians fought each other, CSPAN would become the hottest network on cable overnight and you’d finally get young people to start voting with their ratings. Unfortunately, the only public servants (past and present) brave enough to fight are Chris Lytle, Chael Sonnen, and Ross Miller. It’s really a bummer because Akin vs. any of those dudes would be PPV worthy stuff right about now…


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