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Bruce Buffer explains why he changed 'It's time' to 'It's fight time'

It's hard to be clever when brain cells are slowly evacuating from my head. I just tried to explain the Bruce Buffer 180 to a cocktail waitress in a hotel -- and then I just realized that I was trying to explain the Bruce Buffer 180 to a cocktail waitress in a hotel. That's probably the equivalent of her trying to explain the techniques of a French manicure to Mark Coleman.

For those of you that don't fully understand the greatness of the Bruce Buffer 180, sit by the fireplace and listen to this brief trip down MMA memory lane. Back in the day when UFC was an infant wetting its diaper and puking over its bib, the only constant fixtures at every UFC fight was Bruce Buffer and the TapouT crew (RIP Mask). The story goes that Bruce Buffer was announcing a fighter in the middle of the cage and midway through the introduction, he realized that he was facing the wrong guy. In a moment of rawesomeness, Buffer did a sudden 180-degree turn to face the other fighter just as he was about to say his name. When it happened, the TapouT guys fell out of their chairs in laughter -- and still to this day Bruce says that it was all on purpose.

Most of you witnessed the transformation of 'It's time' to 'It's fight time' during the previous UFC on FOX card held in Los Angeles, CA. A few minds ignited into a cloud of red mist during the slight variation, and in this interview Bruce Buffer (sort of) explains why he changed the phrase.

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