• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Dan Hardy tells us about his Ayahausca retreat and hypothetically fighting Mike Vick

There is nothing I want to experience more at this stage of my life than an Ayahuasca retreat. I would probably save up the cash to do one but I'm not thrilled at the notion of hours upon hours of flight in order to reach a better understanding of my soul and the living world around me. Damn you, Peru. Why must you be so far away? Luckily for Dan Hardy, he is willing to travel in order to take a trip.

Dan Hardy is back from his Ayahuasca retreat now, and Layzie was able to discuss with the UFC welterweight in relatively un-psychedelic terms what Dan Hardy's journey through his consciousness was like. Then they talk about hypothetical fights in which Dan Hardy wouldn't mind fighting dog-murderer Mike Vick, human-murderer Henry Kissinger and other random jerks.

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