• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Stop what you're doing, Genki Sudo released a new music video

One day scientists will make a car that is fueled entirely by Genki Sudo's coolness. That car will be distributed in all major markets as a viable alternative energy vehicle and it will be able to solve the world's energy crisis. The earth will once again be on the right path until Genki Sudo dies. Then the entire planet will be screwed (yet again). We've already established that Genki Sudo has the most amazing entrance in the history of MMA. It's not even something you can sit around your coffee table and debate. Despite being only 28 when he retired, Genki Sudo has one of the slickest resumes in MMA with wins over WEC champion Mike Brown, Nathan Marquardt, Ramon Decker...dude even beat ButterBean. Check out this new music video, entitled 'Permanent Revolution' of Genki Sudo illustrating the contrast between you and him.

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