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Apparently Peruvian hallucinogens taught Dan Hardy how to ground n' pound

Ayahuasca? He damn near killed him! Within a seven day period, we just saw two Queen-loving Brits dominate with what for years was their Red-coated Achilles heel - wrestling. Michael Bisping stood like a confidant man over Brian Stann, and now Dan Hardy stands confidenterer over a bloodied and beaten Amir Sadollah.

The fight started with a dancing and happy Hardy. For the first few minutes, Amir picked at The Outlaw with distance-finding shots and kicks that fall into the quantity over quality variety, but were moderately effective nonetheless. Hardy played the counterstriking game (not the Valve one) until he worked out what must've been some hometown of Nottingham butterflies. When Hardy came out in the second round he pressed forward with his signature left hook and Amir had little to counter it. Eventually Hardy would work the takedowns and elbowed Amir's face into the land of Oblivion and to a judge's reaffirming decision.

Apparently Dan Hardy's trip to explore time and space while on an Ayahuasca trip did him well.

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