• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Demian Maia just gave the Horror Story nightmares and squeezed his brains out, take a look

Not even a minute into their bout and Maia had taken down Rick Story and advanced position, inch by inch, step by step, a clinic of violence in the guise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beauty. Rick Story had absolutely nothing for a rejuvenated and adequately rehydrated force in the welterweight division. Maia may have won his debut, but this outing at 170 showed that Maia felt good, he was thick, solid, tight. Eventually after a methodical beating that left Story confused and without an answer, Maia would punch his way into a rear naked choke that would send blood shooting out of his nose. Nasty.

Thanks to Zombie Prophet for the .gif.

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