• Written by Bauzen

A lesson in Street MMA: Referees must stay neutral, or they may become part of the fight

It’s OK to corner your fighter with technical advice from the sidelines of street MMA.  There are countless examples of people offering combatants valuable advice from a distance.  However, when you’re right up in the action, you essentially forfeit your position as a moderator or referee and assume the role of hype-man which is 100% unacceptable in Street MMA.  Not only is it distracting to the participants, but it also paints you as the instigator, thereby forcing you into a street MMA match of your own. Today, we have two lessons of street MMA conveniently bundled into one video.  While the first fight is relatively lackluster, another fight breaks out almost immediately thereafter to assure that all the spectators in attendance get their money’s worth.  This is the part of the article that cautions you that there is plenty of racially-charged language exchanged below, and if you’re in a corporate environment, you should find yourself a pair of headphones or disconnect the volume entirely.  For the rest of you, enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed at full blast.

Editor's note: notice how the impromptu fighter/ref/cornerman escapes the arena in a gold Mercedes like a boss.


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