• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

A Lesson in Street MMA - The Halloween Showdown at the Pho-K Corral

If Marie Antoinette was Vietnamese, she would have said 'Let them eat pho!' Alright, that's it for me tonight -- you've been a great audience.

Actually, Marie Antoinette never uttered that phrase. The statement actually appeared in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's book 'Confessions,' which is actually an alteration of an old Chinese anecdote: 'An ancient Chinese emperor who, being told that his subjects didn't have enough rice to eat, replied, 'Why don't they eat meat?' In general, most of the history that you know is somewhat skewed or just outright incorrect -- yet these inaccuracies compose the entirety of human culture. Amazing.

Speaking of humanity's culture, let's look at this new addition that cultural archaeologists will be studying hundreds of years from now. Check out this battle that happened this past weekend inside of a Toronto Pho restaurant and take notice of the amazing accuracy of the mysterious flying plate. Props to Ryan Ventura for the find.


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