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Check out The Top Ten Hallway MMA Fights in Hallway MMA Fight History

Who knew there would be another Street MMA subgenre that we have yet to discover until now? Yes, Street MMA begat Denny's MMA, which in turn birthed Train Fights and on and on into Street MMA subgenre history. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we witness a collection of the latest ferocious offspring of Street MMA - Hallway MMA. It may take place in a high school, a college dorm, a wedding, a VA...anywhere that features a hallway. These bouts for honor and glory take place not in the Streets, not in the Octagon, but the Rectangle, and they're highly organized. The phenomenon that is Hallway MMA may not be the tenacity of the combatants or the brutality of the fights, but the fact that each bout almost always features a highly organized crew with cameras, commentators, as well as a willing and involved audience. Referees and security are almost always present and for the most part, a moral standard of some sort is upheld. For the most part.

These are the Top Ten Hallway Fights in Hallway Fight History (for now), only at

Hallway MMA Fights

Wallflowers, extroverts, party-goers and punchbowl sippers - all are ready to throw down in the Rectangle. Who knows the story behind this impromptu bout between some sharply-dressed lads, what would matter most is the melee that plays out. Wrist control and a high-level Akido match starts the fight off and after some vest grabbing, other challengers enter the fray. The singled out jacketless man headbutts his way out of a corner, kicks another man in the groin and then expertly slips a punch while throwing an elbow. In a fight that starts to resemble The Matrix or Kill Bill, the jacketless man systematically takes apart what seems to be the Crazy 88's B-team in astonishing fashion.


Hallway MMA Fights

It's rather simple, you cross the line, and you shall have hell unleashed upon thee. That's what happened between these two ladies. After much trash talking and invisible boundary making, blows are thrown and then the fight devolves into the usual hair-grab headlock technique employing the fists-a-flying, eyes closed, head down attack that is the perfect counter to the hair-grab. We think it's taught to every women at birth. Both combatants utilize their limited but audacious skillset to the fullest potential and a brief grappling session is broken up by the referee, leaving the fight in the judges hands.


Hallway MMA Fights

Both men are confident, but one would pay for that undeserved brashness with a judo trip leading to a bloodied face and a back on the ground. He would be known as 'Track Suit,' and he would have a knee firmly in his belly, squirming like the fat kid wearing ill-fitting shorts in gym class. Through the first round, Track Suit would excel in only one thing - bleeding all over the Rectangle's tile floor. Then the fight goes into a break for a beat before round two. The two fighters discuss tactics for a moment, then the fight restarts with a brutal back and forth flurry of blows to the dome that would leave both men rocked and wild eyed. Eventually Track Suit finds his range, just as the fight ends.


Hallway MMA Fights

TDRFCL for short, or phonetically: 'turderfickle,' The Dorm Room Fight Club League features a vast library of competitive matches with fighters brandishing various martial arts backgrounds. You will see kneebar attempts in The Rectangle, you will see kimura attempts come to fruition from full guard, you will be interested in lone, belly-shirted ring card girls taking in the fights with a laissez-faire attitude. Turderfickle has it all, you will be impressed by the Rectangle generalship and savvy of the combatants. Many Turderfickle fighters will go on to have solid wins in Street MMA and Grassfights. It's Street MMA's top farm league.


Hallway MMA Fights

Much like number 9 on this list, the lady fighter in blue employs the hair grab/close your eyes and scrunch your face technique that is so effective in Hallway MMA. The hairlocked fighter cares not about the Rectangle control and is puts up wild but effective combinations, changing levels like a boss. The real crux of this battle, however, is the decision. How is this fight judged? One fighter lands ten times the blows but the hairtie clincher is controlling the fight for the duration. Who wins this fight? The ambiguity of Hallway MMA judging rears it's ugly head like a Cecil People's decision, and the referee stops the fight and leaves us yearning an official ruling on the match. This is a perfect example of a fight marred by the growing pains of a young sport.


Hallway MMA Fights

To the naked eye, these two brawlers are the exact same person except for their shoes. One man wears white sneakers, the other wears red. Are they the same person? Is that why they're so evenly matched? Perhaps they are twins, or brothers that don't share the exact same DNA? Fighter history aside, this is a solid brawl where neither fighter wants to back down to the other. The pipe is run, guillotine attempts abound and White Shoes gets flash KO'd for a moment by Red. Somehow, White regains his footing and continues to plod forward, fists landing on Red Shoes' chin. More takedowns and solid grappling are displayed until the referee stops this closely fought brawl.


Hallway MMA Fights

The anticipation of the battle on the 5th floor hit a fevered pitch. The marketing team for the fight did it's job well, the fighters didn't back out, and the crowd had shown up eagerly anticipating one of the most important fights that hallway had ever seen. Then, in a very Hardy/Condit sort of way, the two fighters would connect with a pair of forceful punches. One man would stand in the Rectangle victorious, the other would lay crumpled and defeated in one punch, back leaning against the wall, defeated. This fight would be precursor to the first rematch in Hallway MMA history that we know of, featured at number three on this list.


Hallway MMA Fights

Feeling screwed out of their hard-earned money they paid for the main event of last night's fight that ended in one punch (see number four on this list, right above this entry, look UP), the fans on the 5th floor would demand a rematch. Now, let it be known the athletic commission (the mirror in the 5th floor's bathroom and a chick named Jaina who took his temperature) indeed stepped in to determine if the knocked out fighter from last night was fit to compete. He checked out fine and both would weigh in on point. With much celebration, the two warriors would square off once again - this time in a three round fight for the ages. The clash would start out fast and furious, with both men looking to repeat last night's knockout punch in the opening seconds. The fight is quickly taken to the ground where an active guard would control Grey Sweater into a shoulderlock and Omoplata attempt. King Mo level ground and pound from the controlling fighter in the jacket/hoodie combo would be endured by the man in the sweater. Improbably, side control would be muscled into by Grey Sweater with great tenacity and heart. Blows are exchanged and the bell rings - the first round is over. What would follow is another two out of breath rounds and one of the longest Hallway fights in Hallway MMA history. In fact, it may be one of the only rematches in Hallway MMA history. It is a 2-part tale of respect and warrior spirit.


Hallway MMA Fights

The Travis Fulton choke slam knockout of Hallway MMA. This fight is short, sweet and horrifying. The perfect example of why Hallway MMA is banned in 50 states. The competitor is knocked unconscious with a slam in the unforgiving Rectangle and the referees are nowhere to be found. Regardless of it's brutality, the slam knockout is an impressive feat, so it's for that reason alone it makes this important and world-renowned list. We aren't sure who was scheduled to referee this bout, but we feel the commission dropped the ball somewhere. Let this be a lesson to all Hallway MMA fighters: don't get slammed on your head and knocked out.


Hallway MMA Fights

Two men enter the Rectangle, one would walk away like a boss. The other would be kneeling and feeling around for his now missing teeth that are scattered like dice all over the floor. The Rectangle is where so many dreams are lost and fulfilled. The champion's figurative soul and actual physical body is either elated in ecstasy over his proud win, or ground into a toothless, bloody mess on the tile floor. Desperate. Why is fortune so cruel to some and so delicately sweet to others? Because fortune favors the man who keeps his hands up and counters when the little spunky dude is trying unsuccessfully to close the distance, that's why. Props to both fighters, sometimes these things happen in Hallway MMA.

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