• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

In honor of Cung Le's win in China, a deli made a wrap that looks like it will knock you out faster than Cung himself

Deli MMA Math works like this: be the only man other than Anderson Silva to defeat Rich Franklin at middleweight + star as the Bronze Lion in The Man With The Iron Fist and come out on the other end of the equation with a deli wrap that looks as enticing as it does nefarious. MiddleEasy does not endorse this wrap. It looks like it could be used by an anesthesiologist to put down a medium-sized human for an afternoon. There are few things redeeming about this deadly meal, other than the delicious tastes... Look at the ingredients:

Two all beef grilled hot dogs topped with bacon, macaroni and cheese, ghost pepper nacho cheese, jalapeños, chili cheese Fritos, and ghost pepper ranch served in a grilled wrap.

That's death in burrito shell. This puts the Chael Sonnen burger to shame and it makes me wonder with all of these foodstuffs being created in honor of MMA fighters, what would a MiddleEasy sandwich look like? Think about that while you watch the video and contemplate if the wrap made for Cung Le's iron fists looks delicious or disgusting.

Thanks to KneeBarBuffet for the find.


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