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A very special Lesson in Street MMA featuring an inclined fighting area like in Bloodsport


I promise you that next week, when it's cool to be thankful for things as we stuff our insatiable maws full of disturbingly-abused turkeys, I won't forget to raise my eyes to the ceiling and mouth 'thank you' to the Street MMA Gods for this one. If we ever compile a Street MMA Fight of the Year category in the end of year MiddleEasy Awards (which we totally should, in fact I will see about adding that category as soon as I'm finished with this article which is taking longer than expected to finish with this stream of consciousness side-thought) it would probably win Street MMA Fight of the Year. It's this one or the Hawaiian fighting off the mean Oregonians... Maybe.

It was only a matter of time before Street MMA evolved into something straight out of Bloodsport, inclined surface and all, and it's exactly as satisfying as you would expect. I'm not even going to blow the ending for you, it's too sweet. I want you to be surprised. But seriously, nominate a Street MMA Fight of the Year besides this one in the comment section, yeah?

The only knock on this fight is the camera crew's inability to shoot in widescreen.


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