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CBS Sports Analyst Seth Davis thinks MMA is way too gay

We all know Seth Davis, right? He's the guy who is on TV during March Madness as an NCAA basketball analyst for CBS Sports alongside Greg Anthony and Greg Gumbel. Or maybe you know him as the guy who writes college basketball stuff for Sports Illustrated-probably not though. From the looks of that banner pic-if Seth Davis was standing in a lineup made solely of guys from the Republican National Convention-you wouldn't be able to differentiate him from the rest of them. I bet he even has on a pair of dockers to go with that suit jacket.

You will know Seth Davis after today though-the image of his face will forever be burned upon your MMA obsessed brains. It's all thanks to some down right ignorant and uneducated comments he made on Twitter (@SethDavisHoops) in recent days. (if you didn't know already-Twitter is the place to go for anyone feeling the urge to release some temporary Tourette's Syndrome bouts or just plain fly their idiocy flag for all the world to see)

Apparently good old sports analyst and writer Seth Davis seems to think MMA is way too gay for his son's to watch on the television. Although he did call MMA by the term UFC specifically, so that in and of itself is a testament to his ignorance towards our favorite sport.

"Looking on news sites showing picture of two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose….Sorry, I’ll never get this UFC thing."

"Maybe I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout."

Of course, not everyone is going to love or understand MMA or combat sports. I certainly don't understand wrestling singlets-but I accept them all the same and I won't ban my son from watching wrestling simply because I think wrestling singlets are the strangest piece of athletic aparrel on our planet. This guy Seth Davis thinks his sons shouldn't watch MMA because it is 'homoerotic'. He probably shouldn't have picked a career with the word 'anal' in the name, if he was that uptight about exposing his boys to some sort of implied 'gayness' in sports [Source]

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