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Lorenz Larkin's camp says it's obvious Luke Rockhold doesn't want to fight him

Lorenz Larkin's camp says it's obvious Luke Rockhold doesn't want to fight him

Upon first glance, Lorenz Larkin appears to have two unfinished first names combined to form one semi-finished full name. He's like MMA's version of Uwe Boll. Earlier today the news broke that Luke Rockhold had to pull out of his Strikeforce middleweight title fight against Lorenz Larkin due to a wrist injury. Of course, with all the recent injuries it makes it virtually impossible for Strikeforce to cull together enough talent to go out with a bang in the organization's final show.

Arnold DeWitt, Lorenz Larkin's manager, caught up with MMADiehard to essentially vent on Luke Rockhold dropping out of the card with just a few weeks left in 2012. Aside from stating it was incredibly 'unprofessional,' Arnold also stated that Rockhold just doesn't want to fight Larkin for fear of losing the Strikeforce middleweight belt.

“If you receive a bout agreement and can’t fight you should say something right away,” DeWitt said. “He’s putting a lot of pressure on matchmakers because they’re trying to put on this final card. What are you doing to Zuffa when you’re pulling out and they’re spending weeks on promoting the fight? Now they have to find a replacement fight and he needs to fight. When you think about it he hasn’t fought in six months. So it’s not only about fighting for a title but also from a financial stand point. It’s frustrating. You signed to fight; you signed a bout agreement so let’s fight.”

“For Luke, of course he wants to keep his title when he goes over to the UFC,” DeWitt said. “That’s going to be a bargaining chip when he restructures his contract for a UFC contract. I can see why this is a dangerous fight and obviously they don’t want to fight us.”

Here, let me break down those two long statements for DeWitt: 'We believe Rockhold is ducking Larkin.' On MiddleEasy, you get the abridged version of quotes for absolutely free.

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