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Check out the UFC poster the world will NEVER see, ever

Check out the UFC poster the world will NEVER see, ever

Chris Brown has a better chance of being the Prime Minister of Canada before we will ever see Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones in the cage. It's part of sports mythology, folks. In fact, whenever you speak of Jones vs. Silva, you should be riding a unicorn across a rainbow to get to Valhalla. Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones should come with a pot of gold and complimentary centaurs to feed you ambrosia. We could all extend our life spans by 15,000 years and untap the unlimited potential of infinite parallel universes and we still wouldn't see Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones.

If, by some strange reason, you're under the delusion that Silva vs. Jones is a tangible possibility in your future then there's a poster to support your blatant mental disorder. This fan-created poster is the closest thing the MMA world will ever get to a Silva vs. Jones match-up -- so eat it up. This is it. After you close this page, all hope is lost. It will be as if your memory has been erased by one of those flashy things on MIB.

Now, enjoy your fantasy.

Silva vs. Jones

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