• Written by Bauzen

DaDa 5000’s backyard MMA league has upgraded their ring with ropes made of yellow caution tape

Underground MMA isn’t new, but we have to recognize its pioneers that made backyard brawling what it is today.  I could spend the rest of the day talking about the various underground organizations, or I could just hyperlink you to the Top 10 Underground Fight Leagues list we made last year.  I’m pretty lazy, so just click on the link if you wanna see some brutal stuff on your otherwise mundane Sunday afternoon.

There was controversy that a lot of popular clubs were omitted from that list, but Tyler Durden was clear when he said that we shouldn’t talk about Fight Club.  Chances are, there are some ballerish underground fights we don’t even know about, and we can’t talk about what we don’t know.  Luckily, the participants of DaDa 5000’s underground fight league post most of their videos on YouTube, so bringing you this footage of their new and improved ring made of yellow caution tape is just another day in the life of backyard MMA.  Before you laugh at how unprofessional this may look, remember that there is at least one UFC fighter who started his career in this same backyard.


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